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The Most Expensive Podcast in the World

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Spotify recently made a deal with Joe Rogan and it is a paramount move for the evolution of the podcast industry. Joe Rogan is a famous stand-up comedian and a staple UFC commentator. Joe's podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world and now it's one of the most expensive podcasts in the world. It's by far the most popular podcast on YouTube and Spotify just secured its exclusivity starting at the end of this year.

Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Complete relaxation, smell of chamomile tea lingering in the room and you after a long day wrapped in a blanky. That’s about a perfect podcast viewing experience but it’s mostly reserved for times when we can afford time. Most of our podcast viewing/listening habits are reserved for on the move experiences. Whether it be listening to your favorite history podcast via the car stereo on your way to work or blasting your favorite podcast on headphones while trying to get a good workout in. Podcasts became a favorite past time for most of us, they are perfect when you have just a limited amount of time. They are not only a distraction in form of entertainment, some of them are really educational and by sheer number of podcasts available there isn't a topic which doesn't have a podcast about it. There are more than 1 000 000 active podcasts with over 30 million episodes. And that is just by some modest reports, more reports suggest over 2 000 000 podcasts only registered on Google.

Podcasts became a huge thing in recent times, and why wouldn't they? There are more and more celebrities hopping on the podcast bandwagon. You were shortly famous in early 2000's and are no longer „relevant“? Do a podcast, you would be great at it! But A list celebrities are joining as well, and for a good reason. Over 60 million homes, just in USA, are podcast fans. Podcast afficionados make up a huge market that is ready to be tapped. Not only for exposure, but for business purposes as well. Reports from 2018. suggest that businesses spent close to $ 500 million on podcast advertising.

Some companies I would've never heard of if I didn't follow through with my podcast habit. Manscaped only entered my world when I saw them advertising themselves on almost every podcast and now they are the „Official electric trimmer of the UFC“. Same goes for Blue Apron and Brooklinen, companies who immediately saw the value and exposure of podcasts and started doing something about it. Podcasts offer a type of entertainment which is for the most part unfiltered and spontaneous. Your favorite host talking about his electric trimmer will surely make for a powerful suggestion should you be in the market for the said product. Advertisements aren't just tucked away in the far corner of the screen, they are mostly read aloud and with all sorts of personalities hosting podcasts they can make for quite a nifty little advertisement.

Podcasting equipment

So what does Joe Rogan leaving YouTube for Spotify actually mean? Well he is not leaving completely, as he suggested the YouTube clips will continue as usual but the full episodes including the video content will be reserved specifically for Spotify. This goes hand in hand with Spotify’s new video podcasts which they started testing in may of this year with famous YouTube stars Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar. Spotify has acquired The Ringer, Gimlet Media and Anchor to boost its podcast credentials so it’s pretty clear they are looking to get deep into podcasting business.

We have Spotify making huge strides in podcasting, acquiring Joe Rogan is definitely the biggest move yet, as for Joe, his following will most certainly dwindle but he gets SOME benefits. Joe was always careful of YouTube’s rules but expressed annoyance with it. Moving to Spotify will certainly help with copyright aspects of the JRE show, and reports of around $ 100 million sum payed to Joe will certainly help with his retirement plans.

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