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New face of media is YOU - unleash your creative potential

Fake news craze

We have talked a lot on our podcasts about impotence of media literacy of individuals in this modern day and age of ever growing fake news blasting all over this circus we call THE WEB. The rapid development of internet in this digital era swept us like a tornado and left us trying to cope with the progress. And as we are slowly but surely pacing forward with grasping the positive and negative sides of internet, new technologies like deep fake video software are emerging making it even more harder to see through the fake news craze.

Just look at what former US president Obama thinks of former US president Trump in this BuzzFeed deep fake video.

"Youtube is the rebirth of genuine journalism" Jordan Peterson

But lets not focus on the shady side of the web but rather on the infinite potential this world wide web has. As I was watching Joe Rogan Experience podcast with guest Jordan Peterson, one of many talks Peterson had on Rogan´s podcast, I stumbled upon a great quote by Peterson - " Youtube is the rebirth of genuine journalism" said Peterson, and I think he was on point on a much grander scale as well! While big news corporations are struggling to stay afloat in the new digital era and failing one by one, even the ones with decent online presence, social media giants like Facebook and Youtube are scooping the cream of ads revenue on the backs of the creative independent individuals. And in the midst of all that we are witnessing something truly amazing - the foundations of NEW information media and WE ARE LOVIN´IT.

Those same creative independent individuals are building the new face of media. And not only on Youtube, all social media platforms have a multitude of bright individuals forming new media for everyone to consume - FOR FREE!

source: - Matthieu Comoy

Endless creativity

It is truly mind blowing how many creativity and creative people there are on the internet. With just a couple of clicks on Youtube you can find out the news, how to restore a diecast toy car from the ´60s, learn how to play ukulele or how to make a floating bed. All that diversity is found on every topic imaginable. They are reshaping everything around us in every aspect so its no wonder its reshaping the journalism and media as well. Great Greek philosopher Heraclitus said " The only constant in life is change.", and you can see it on a large scale happening everyday on the internet.

source: - Geralt
source: - Geralt

The future written in the stars is bright

The king is dead, long live the king. All that concentration of creativity is producing a lot of quality content and the future looks mighty bright. We need to let go of the old and burn it off to make room for the new just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes. And we are thrilled to see what the future holds in store for us all. So stay creative and keep doing your thing - YOU ARE THE NEW MEDIA!


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