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Do Not's of Small Business Instagram

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms and continues rising in usage more and more as Facebook faces problems. It's pretty easy to use and consume. Everybody loves neat pictures and quick videos, especially if you're killing time. No matter how much time you have to kill a quick swipe of Instagram's news feed should do the trick. Small businesses started seeing Instagram's potential and are using it more than ever before.

There are some great examples of a well maintained Instagram page, but what should you avoid while getting into the Instagram game?


Here are the do not's of Instagram.

· Don't follow competitors; it just doesn't look good.

· Don't pay for fake followers, likes etc. just to boost metrics. It's not that subtle and it will hurt you in the long run.

· Don't delete negative comments, deal with them in a helpful, respectful manner.

· Don't treat it like your own personal account.

· Don't just do grid posts. Stories and IGTV are more important and engaging than ever in 2019.

· Don't abuse the same hashtags, optimise them over time and change them depending on the post.

· Don't bank your success on one social platform. Research what others in your industry are doing and follow suite. That doesn't mean you have to copy them but it helps especially if it's a new industry for you.

· Don’t use hashtags or follow trends just because it’s trending. You need to develeop your own style of communication which is in line with the brands tone.

· Don't try to be hip or use younger language if this doesn’t fit the organisation. Instagram can make you feel like you need to use the youngster language but it’s not authentic if it comes out of nowhere.

· Don't post just to post. Think about your content, we all have days when we're out of inspiration and have no idea what to post. It's better to post nothing or even share something that’s in line with your brands style than to post something with no meaning what so ever.

What should you Do ?

· DO monitor every post to fit the theme of your page.

· DO engage with your audience daily, and work on getting user generated content.

· DO keep a good looking consistent feed.

· DO retain the brand tone of voice, you'll develop you'r unique style of communication which has to be in lines with the brand's tone. It adds to the overall brand identity.

· DO look at other social platforms (Reddit, Pinterest..) and so on for help. Take the time out of your day and just scroll, get familiar with latest events and you'll find inspiration for your next post.


Main goal is to follow trends and adjust them to your own style of communication. There will be trials and errors but don't give up hope, try out new things and see what works for you.

Biggest takeaway is that you need to stay authentic, authenticity is what is lacking in todays social media game and users see it.

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