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5 Tips 4 Getting Into The Holiday Spirit - Social Media Content During The Holidays

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Santa Cover

Hold tight, the holidays are coming! Short time after the Black Friday craze, the main event is in front of us. Christmas and New Years are the biggest holiday seasons and need to be accompanied by proactive social media content, this is where you come in! People love holidays and Christmas is possibly the most universally loved holiday there is. If you think of yourself as a relevant business, blogger or content creator you need to acknowledge all of the most important holiday seasons and tailor your social media presence accordingly. It doesn't have to be insanely elaborate, but a few tweaks here and there let your audience know that you are on top of your game!

Here's what you can do to get into the holiday spirit and share some magic with your audience:

1. Get into the spirit

Maybe the easiest and most rewarding step that you can take is customizing your social media profile to appropriately reflect the holiday season. Start with your profile picture, there are a lot of free to use websites which let you do basic editing and they don't require a lot of skill. They are easy to learn and just after 15 minutes of working with them, you should have a basic understanding of editing a festive holiday profile picture. Go crazy, add a little Santa hat to your company logo, throw in some snowflakes, you can even put yourself inside Santa's sled, the world is your oyster.

Don't stop there, there's a big banner like picture at the top of your profile, think it's called a cover photo? Go ahead and customize that bad boy too!

We recommend checking out, a really good website which lets you do entry level editing free of charge!

2. Campaigning through the snow

Holiday season, especially Christmas and New Years is a great time to try out some social media campaign ideas. Even if you don't have a lot of experience, or if you run a small business, holiday season is a great time do dive into creating a social media campaign.

Since holidays are a huge worldwide event, you have the greatest talking point/common ground handed to you on a plate. Be creative, figure out a smart and catchy hashtag to add flavor to your posts during the holidays, do a series of holiday videos, there are a lot of options. Don't be afraid to experiment and try stuff out just because it's the holidays, this should be the period where you should feel most comfortable experimenting with content. Especially if you run a small business profile or you're just getting into this crazy social media world.

Do some research, write down your ideas and hit the road!

3. Gift guide bonanza

A great little piece of content which goes a long way. Gift guides are getting more and more popular as social media content. People love getting gifts and people love the feeling of surprising someone with a well thought of gift. Even if you are a blogger this is a piece of content which is very rewarding to make.

Think about stuff YOU like, take it a step further and think about what people similar to you like and create a list of gift ideas that could be useful to your audience.

Something along the lines of: Gifts for men in their late 20's, What to get your girlfriend for Christmas or Why you should gift the new Cyberpunk game to your friend who is currently writing this 5 tips blog post... Just you know, stuff like that.

Christmas Gifts

4. Be festive for goodness sake!

So you're a very serious business, doing serious business stuff. It's the holidays, it's okay to do something festive and give some warmth to your content. There is a universal warm and fuzzy feeling which consumes people on holidays. You would be missing out by not joining in with your social media presence. Take a time out from being all serious like and create more personalized content to get closer with your audience.

This doesn't mean you have to get crazy! Be festive and be human, people love certain brands because they feel connected and similar to them, don't throw that opportunity away!

5. Enjoy what you do and have a very merry Christmas!

The year is almost over, a lot of laughs were had and a lot of challenges overcome. Possibly the biggest tip we can give you the reader is, take the time to enjoy what you do. This social media thing that we do is a huge blank canvas that thrives on creativity. Never be afraid to experiment and create new exciting content. Sometimes you'll hit it big and sometimes you will fail, but don't lose hope! Be sincere, be creative and most importantly bond with your audience.

We sincerely hope you've enjoyed our content thus far, we are certainly looking forward to bringing you even more stuff in the near future! So from us to you, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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